Squat Solutions is specialised in the acquisition of real estate in complex or problematic situations.

Get out of this complicated situation!

Eviction of a squatter may take months, even years: Squat Solutions purchases your squatted property, as it is, with the occupants having no right or title.

The owners whose residence is squatted-in find themselves helpless. Not only is the squatter eviction procedure very long and taxing, but their house has suffered so many defacements that the restoration would result in costs that they may not always be able to assume.

Through a network of skilled partners, ensuring the legal certainty and competence required for the execution of our acquisitions and by a firmly human approach and in dialogue with different parties, Squat Solutions provides a reliable solution to owners.



Over the course of his diverse experiences, the director of Squat Solution UK, Pascal Hersigny, has been able to build a solid team capable of operating with professionalism. The profiles are multi-disciplinary and of a high standard to respond to the expectations and requirements of complex situations. Learn more

Why is our assistance called for? The solution?

Reliable solutions

We pay upfront and our provisional agreements do not have condition precedent clauses for financing or financial situation.

Humane solutions

Whenever we operate in keeping with the law, our solution is on the basis of dialogue and support.

Fair solutions

We have the property estimated by real estate agencies and estimate the cost of procedures with complete transparency.

Quick solutions

By becoming the new owners of your property, we set you free from the complex situation which is making your life impossible.

Safe solutions

We exempt you from all the responsibilities and uncertainties of legal proceedings by becoming the owners of your property.

Peaceful solutions

We support you in all steps of your process through our team and our partner lawyers, notaries and bailiffs.

Solutions that work

It is first and foremost on the ground, and not in the courts, that we search for working solutions.

Unique solutions

Each situation has a unique layout which requires us to adapt ourselves and innovate to find a suitable solution.

Solutions with popular appeal

8 to 10 projects executed each month and development in Europe with a network of effective partners.

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