About us

An effective multi-disciplinary team, well-organised to resolve complex situations.

We go where no one wants to go and take on the role of buyers of complex and problematic real estate cases. Our main operations are particularly oriented towards the purchase of squatted properties with occupants without right or title.

In this capacity, we perform the role of facilitator for our numerous clients during the sale of their properties which are in complex or problematic situations.

Squat Solutions, now comprising twelve employees, knew how to set up a structure that guarantees the legal certainty and competence required for the proper execution of our acquisitions, all while resolutely protecting our clients’ interests, irrespective of the nature or the level of complexity of their situation.

Because each situation is unique, Squat Solutions and its employees are careful to provide personalised and suitable solutions for mutually agreed and defined purposes.

Our close-knit structure and the complementary skills of each employee who forms a part of it, ensures responsiveness and thus optimises the quality level of executed projects.

Reactive and experienced, our employees work closely with the best specialists in each domain - squatting or co-ownership arrangements. Thus, we process complex cases on a daily basis and offer fair and efficient solutions for our client’s issues.

Our guarantees

Our purchase offers are reliable: we pay upfront and our provisional agreements do not have financing condition precedent clauses.

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Our commitments

We always choose the solution centred on discussion and the human dimension, rather than on long procedures.

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“Irrespective of the injustice or anger experienced by my clients, my approach to occupants without right or title is always measured and cordial. I always try hard to build respectful relations with each person I speak to, to create an ambiance conducive to reflection. This often facilitates an inculcation of awareness in the squatter, about the consequence of their actions and the avoidance of conflicts or long legal battles which in the end always have a price, not for the squatters who are often insolvent, but indeed for the owners”.

Pascal Hersigny, director of Squat Solutions

Pascal Hersigny has a team of experienced partners with him

Lucile Bonhoure, lawyer
Lucile Bonhoure is a French Avocat, admitted to the Paris Bar, qualified to appear in all French courts and is registered in London as a European Lawyer. Through her experiences in international Paris law firms, and in London, she developed an expertise in international law. She evolved in an international environment and developed an expertise in cross-border matters. Lucile works both in French and English languages.


Peter Mellett, Solicitor
Peter Mellett is an English Solicitor who specialises in Property and consumer litigation.  He has advised clients throughout his career on issues arising out of trespass (indeed his Supreme Court Decision in its well known and important case of Parking Eye v Beavis concerns a landowner’s ability to “fine” overstaying motorists). He is an extremely pragmatic solicitor and is always astute to align the legal strategy to his client’s commercial objectives.


As of today, Squat Solutions operates in the whole of France and is developing its presence in Europe.

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