Only bailiffs are authorised to evict squatters. They are thus indispensable partners of Squat Solutions.

To enter into a squatter eviction procedure, the owner of the squatted property must, on the one hand, show that his property is occupied, and on the other, obtain the exact identity of at least one occupant without right or title present on the premises. The collection of the occupant’s identity often proves to be very difficult and necessitates a summons for questioning through the court bailiff.

On the basis of the evidence taken as a whole, the lawyers will approach the Regional Court of the jurisdiction of the squatted premises with an application for eviction through a summons delivered by the bailiff to occupants.

If all goes well, the court will order the eviction of the occupants. If the premises are still occupied on the effective date of the notice to quit the premises, the Court bailiff will request the department’s administrative headquarters for the assistance of law enforcement.

Squat Solutions helps you out of this complicated situation