Our guarantees

Squat Solutions offers are firm. The provisional sales agreements do not have conditions precedent related to loans or situation.

A fair offer

We have the property estimated by real estate agencies and estimate the cost of procedures with complete transparency.

A relaxing solution

We free you from all the responsibilities and uncertainties of legal proceedings by becoming the owners of your property.

A solid company

Squat Solutions executes 8 to 10 projects per month in France and is currently developing its presence in Europe thanks to a network of solid partners.

For each squatted property, Squat Solutions always prefers an amicable resolution, by dialogue and support.

On the ground

Whenever we intervene in keeping with the law, it is first and foremost on the ground, which gives us workable solutions.

With transparency

Squat Solutions will estimate the price of your property and explain the different procedures ahead with complete transparency.

Without conditions

Even if you are the minority right holder in a contentious co-ownership, we offer to buy your undivided shares.

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