The core of Squat Solutions’ occupation is the management of contentious situations concerning real estate. Lawyers are indispensable for resolving this conflict.

Purchase of squatted real estate

Often, the cases are very simple: Squat Solutions buys the squatted property and negotiates with the squatters who leave on their own. But often, the eviction of squatters necessitates a legal proceeding.

In such a case, Squat Solutions works with two lawyers: Mr Raphaël Richemond and Mr Grégory Cherqui.

Lucile Bonhoure, lawyer
Lucile Bonhoure is a French Avocat, admitted to the Paris Bar, qualified to appear in all French courts and is registered in London as a European Lawyer. Through her experiences in international Paris law firms, and in London, she developed an expertise in international law. She evolved in an international environment and developed an expertise in cross-border matters. Lucile works both in French and English languages.

Squat Solutions helps you out of this complicated situation