Notaries are often the first to be informed of squatted property belonging to the owners they represent.

Sale of squatted real estate

Real estate sales are often subject to the notary’s scrutiny. The procedure for the purchase of squatted real estate is the same as that for the purchase of any other property.

As a public officer, the notary ensures the proper execution of the contract and confers on it the necessary legal certainty, apart from confidentiality. He/she collects documents in advance and thereby avoids subsequent challenges as far as possible.

In addition, the notary guarantees the preservation of the title deed by retaining it in his/her practice for 75 years. After this period, they are preserved in the national archives.

In complex cases encountered by Squat Solutions, the notary is a privileged interlocutor as he is the holder of all the information essential to the purchase of the squatted property.

Peter Mellett, Solicitor
Peter Mellett is an English Solicitor who specialises in Property and consumer litigation.  He has advised clients throughout his career on issues arising out of trespass (indeed his Supreme Court Decision in its well known and important case of Parking Eye v Beavis concerns a landowner’s ability to “fine” overstaying motorists). He is an extremely pragmatic solicitor and is always astute to align the legal strategy to his client’s commercial objectives.

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