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At every stage of the procedure, for each transaction, Squat Solutions works with legal and real estate professionals.


Recourse to a lawyer is indispensable when it is a matter of eviction of squatters. Often when legal remedy is necessary, lawyers advise their client to call upon Squat Solutions, which would save them from a long procedure.

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Notaries are privileged contacts. Ever more frequently, they seek the assistance of Squat Solutions for their clients who have a squatted property. We rely on them for every sale deed and purchase deed.

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Only bailiffs are authorised to evict squatters (after a civil proceeding). And it is only the court bailiff’s reports which can further the process of withdrawal from complex situations.  They are thus privileged collaborators of Squat Solutions.

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Real estate agencies

As of today, Squat solutions works in partnership with more than 3000 real estate agencies. We commission real estate agencies to find the addresses of squatted properties or properties in escheat. Once the property is rehabilitated, we entrust the sale to these same agencies.

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Probate genealogists

Squat Solutions appoints probate genealogists to research the successors to squatted real estate properties whose owners are deceased. Genealogists seek out Squat Solutions when their research leads them to discover a squatted property.

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They call upon us

Squat Solutions is sought out by those who are involved in complex situations caused by squatting or co-ownership.


Individuals call upon Squat Solutions in two cases, mainly: They are themselves owners of a squatted property. Or they are the victims of nuisances of a squatter and do not how to change a long-persisting situation.

Municipal and national police

The police are regularly called by the neighbours of squatted properties. Squatters are often a source of nuisance for the neighbourhood. Quite often, the police inform Squat Solutions because they observe the powerlessness or the absence of the owners.

City Councils

Frequently, city councils seek the assistance of Squat Solutions. Either when the owners of squatted property do nothing (due to powerlessness or indifference) and let the situation deteriorate. Or when the owners of a squatted property are not identified.

Legal representatives and administrators

They often step in to restructure houses which are severely indebted for mismanagement or non-payment of liabilities. Therefore, they regularly encounter squatters. They are often appointed to administer successions that are facing difficulties.

Collective ownership and property management boards

When an apartment in a collectively owned property is squatted-in, this poses multiple problems. Besides the nuisance often associated with a squatter, common expenses remain unpaid. In addition, the presence of a squatter devalues the property in its entirety.

Banks / Outstanding accounts

The seizure of real estate property in France is far from inconsequential. Owners in major difficulties are evicted from their homes and in the interval between the eviction and the auction sale, the property is often squatted in.


In France in 2017, out of 600,000 deaths, around 12,000 of them are without known heirs. Very often and unfortunately, we observe the presence of squatted real estate property belonging to the deceased persons.

Squat Solutions helps you out of this complicated situation

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