Purchase of squatted property

By selling us your squatted property, you save yourself from a long procedure that begins with the eviction of the squatters and finishes with the refurbishment of the condition of the property which has often become unsanitary.

Signing of a provisional purchase agreement and then purchase

A provisional purchase agreement is signed. This provisional agreement is without condition precedent. There is no condition requiring a bank loan, no condition of eviction or of any other provision.

After the lapse of the standard delay of three months, we become owners of the squatted property.

Evaluation of purchase price

Our first task is to evaluate the value of the real estate. This usually occurs as soon as the first visit is made. In fact, it is quite easy to enter the squatted property the first time, less so a second time, as the squatters become suspicious.

The evaluation is done by 3 real estate agencies. It involves establishing a sales price independent of the squatting and the defacements caused by it.

At the same time, we execute all the real estate diagnostic tests required for the sale of a property.

In addition, we also get craftsmen to evaluate the cost of works for the refurbishment of the lodging. To this cost, we add our evaluation of the time needed for cleaning and evacuation which would have to be done before the works start.

Lastly, we evaluate the cost and the duration of the eviction procedure.

All these elements allow us to calculate the purchase price that we offer to the owner of the squatted-in property.

Eviction of squatters

Once the sale has been finalised by signing, we initiate the process for evicting the squatters.

Firstly, we try to negotiate the departure of the squatters. Often, for a sum which does not exceed the costs that we would necessarily incur if we entered into a judicial proceeding, the squatters agree to quit the premises.

If the negotiations fail, we initiate the eviction proceedings with the assistance of lawyers and bailiffs. This may last from some months to some years.

Securing the property

Once the squatters have been evicted, we will secure the property to prevent a new phase of squatting. This usually involves walling and panelling all the openings, installing the anti-squatting doors, setting up an autonomous alarm system (run on battery) which would inform us of the slightest intrusion on the premises.

Cleaning of the property

Our teams are tasked with clearing the house of all rubbish. We are often required to evacuate cubic metres of waste. The cleaning of the house or the building then begins.

Refurbishment work

We rely on local workers for the refurbishment of the property. We supervise the work until the finishing touch which would allow us to place the property for sale.

The refurbishment may range from a simple coat of paint and minor electrical and plumbing repairs up to the reconstruction of the walls, the flooring, and even the roof.

Sale of the property

We entrust the sale of the property to real estate agencies.

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