A squatter can be easily evicted if:

  • the police are not willing to carry out an arrest;
  • the property owner does not want to involve the police;
  • you are living in commercial premises.

The owner can enter and change the locks while the squatters are all out.

If a squatter is in the property, the owner must normally get a court order if the squatter refuses to leave. It is illegal for the owner to use or threaten violence against a squatter.

The owner must post a copy of their possession claim forms through the letterbox or attach it to the front door at least 5 days before the court hearing (or 2 days if you are squatting in a commercial property).

These must include a defence form and details of the time and place of the court hearing.

If the squatter is qualified as such by the court, the court will normally order him/her to leave the property immediately.

If the squatter does not leave, the owner must ask the court bailiffs to evict him/her.